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Dynamis Charging Nightstand (8 Colours) Pink WizeBand
Dynamis Charging Nightstand (8 Colours) $29.99 $59.98
Do you know that feeling when you just can't find a good spot for charging your Apple Watch? Have you wanted to use your watch as an alarm clock, but can't charge it properly once it's in the nightstand mode?Well, we have just the thing for you with this Dynamis Charging Nightstand™. The problem with the original cord is that it is too rigid, is all over the place and is difficult to place it anywhere for quick access and might even fall off the counter with your watch on it.Now you always have a fixed spot to throw your Watch in for a quick juice-up.Designed to make charging and docking your Apple Watch as convenient as possible. Its simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.Compatible with: Series 1 - 8 & SE (38/40/41mm & 42/44/45mm cases)Made of durable premium divers grade silicone material so it's soft and easy against your watch. Perfect when used next to your bed as a nightstand charger Turns your Apple Watch into an alarm clock. Works together with Your original charging cable. Just fix it inside the nightstand and you're good to go!Cables, Adapters, or Devices are NOT included.
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Wireless Travel Charger WizeBand
Wireless Travel Charger $24.99 $49.98
  Remember the feeling your Apple Watch died but there was no charger was available? Do you like to travel or are you always on the move? If yes, then meet our Magnetic Wireless Charger. The most compact design made yet. No chords, no hassle. It's easy to bring it with you anywhere you go. Feel free to use it as your keychain and just plug it into any USB port that's close.  Most customers love it because it makes a perfect car charger.  Compatible with: Series 1 - 7 & SE (38/40/41mm & 42/44/45mm cases)  



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