Why Apple Watch Was Banned in the US

by Emily Johnson

why apple watch banned

Introduction to Why Apple Watch Was Banned in the US

Interestingly enough, the Apple Watch, one of the most popular wearable devices on the market, finds itself at the center of a major controversy, leading to the question: why Apple Watch banned in US? Consequently, it has been pulled from shelves across the United States. This development has sparked a flurry of discussions, debates, and speculations, not just among tech enthusiasts but across the wider public sphere. Moreover, the implications of this ban are vast, affecting consumers, the company, and the future trajectory of wearable technology in significant ways.

Table 1: Overview of the Apple Watch Ban

Feature Description
Reason for Ban Patent dispute over pulse oximetry sensors
Companies Involved Apple Inc. vs. Masimo
Models Affected Apple Watch Series 9, Apple Watch Ultra 2
Initial Ban Date December 26, 2023
Legal Actions Apple's appeal for a temporary reprieve; Masimo's openness to settlement
Consumer Impact Limited availability of latest models in the US; older models and Apple Watch SE still available

This table provides a succinct overview of the critical aspects of the Apple Watch ban, including the reason, parties involved, affected models, key dates, and consumer impact.

Background and Reasons for the Ban

The Patent Dispute with Masimo

Initially, the heart of the matter stems from a patent dispute with Masimo, a medical technology company. Furthermore, Masimo alleges that Apple infringed upon its patents concerning pulse oximetry sensors, a critical component used for monitoring blood oxygen levels​​. Furthermore, Apple has contested these claims, arguing that their technology does not violate Masimo's patents, suggesting that Masimo's actions are part of a strategy to launch its own competing product​​.

Legal Actions and ITC Decision to Why Apple Watch Was Banned in the US

Subsequently, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) took Masimo's side. Also at least to the extent of imposing an import ban on the Apple Watches in question. This decision primarily affects the latest models, including the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, marking a significant setback for Apple​​​​. Additionally, the ban delineates the intense legal skirmishes between tech giants and specialized medical technology firms over intellectual property rights.

 why apple watch banned

Consequences and Apple's Response

Impact on Consumers and Sales

As a result, the availability of the newest Apple Watch models in the U.S. market has dramatically decreased. This situation not only limits consumer choice but also poses a considerable financial blow to Apple, potentially costing the company hundreds of millions in lost holiday sales​​. Moreover, the ban raises questions about the accessibility of cutting-edge health monitoring features for U.S. consumers.

Apple's Legal and Technical Countermeasures

In response, Apple has not sat back idly; instead, the company has vigorously pursued legal avenues to challenge the ban. Furthermore, Apple was granted a temporary reprieve by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, allowing it to continue selling its watches while the appeal process is underway​​. Additionally, Apple has expressed its disagreement with the ITC's order, exploring various legal and technical options to ensure the continued availability of its watches in the U.S. market​​.

Table 2: Legal Timeline of Why Apple Watch Was Banned in the US

Date Event
December 2023 US International Trade Commission (ITC) imposes import ban on certain Apple Watch models.
December 2023 Apple begins preemptive measures by pulling affected models from its website and retail outlets.
December 2023 U.S. Court of Appeals grants Apple's motion for a temporary stay on the ban.
December 2023 Masimo expresses openness to a financial settlement with Apple.

This table additionally outlines the sequence of key legal events surrounding the Apple Watch ban. While offering readers a clear timeline of how the situation has unfolded.

Key Takeaways for Why Apple Watch Was Banned in the US

In essence, the dispute between Apple and Masimo over pulse oximetry sensors underscores the complex interplay between innovation, intellectual property rights, and market competition. Moreover, it highlights the potential impact of such disputes on consumer access to technology. As the legal battle unfolds, the tech industry and consumers alike will also be watching closely. So to see how this situation resolves and what it means for the future of wearable technology.

Apple's Legal and Technical Countermeasures (Continued)

Furthermore, Apple has been proactive in addressing the import ban, showcasing a multifaceted strategy to mitigate its effects. Notably, the company has been diligently working on a software update, believed to address the core issues at the heart of the ITC dispute. This move illustrates Apple's commitment to innovation and its readiness to adapt to challenging legal landscapes​​.

The Role of Settlements and Future Strategies

Moreover, amidst these legal battles, there's a glimmer of hope for a resolution through settlement. Masimo's CEO has publicly stated openness to a financial settlement with Apple, a route that could expedite a resolution to the patent dispute​​. Additionally, this approach might allow Apple to avoid prolonged legal proceedings and focus on its mission to deliver cutting-edge technology to consumers.

Consumer Options and Market Availability

Interestingly, despite the import ban, consumers still have options for purchasing Apple Watches. The older models, along with the Apple SE, remain available and unaffected by the ban, ensuring that enthusiasts can access Apple's innovative features, albeit in slightly older versions​​. Furthermore, for those keen on accessorizing their Apple Watches, the market offers a wide range of bands and accessories, available at places like Wizeband's collection of Apple Watch bands and their collection of trending Apple Watch bands, ensuring that style and functionality go hand in hand.

Table 3: Options for Consumers Post-Ban

Purchase Option Description
Older Apple Watch Models Unaffected by the ban and available through Apple and third-party retailers.
Apple Watch SE Does not include the disputed pulse oximetry sensor technology and remains available.
Third-Party Retailers May have limited stock of affected models; consumers can purchase while supplies last.
Accessorizing Options Wide range of bands and accessories available, e.g., from Wizeband.

Looking Ahead: Implications for the Tech Industry

As the situation unfolds, the tech industry is keenly observing the outcomes and potential precedents this case might set. The dispute underscores the delicate balance between protecting intellectual property rights and fostering innovation, a challenge that many tech companies navigate daily. Moreover, the resolution of this case could influence future technological developments, patent litigation, and the global availability of cutting-edge devices.


  • Q: Does the ban affect all Apple Watch models?
  • A: No, it specifically targets the Series 9 and Ultra 2 models due to the pulse oximetry sensor issue​​.
  • Q: Can consumers in the US still buy any Apple Watch models?
  • A: Yes, older models and the Apple Watch SE are still available through third-party retailers​.
  • Q: What might be the future developments in this case?
  • A: The outcome depends on the legal battle between Apple and Masimo, and potential redesigns or updates to the Apple Watch to comply with patent laws​.

List: Key Steps for Consumers to Navigate the Apple Watch Ban

  1. Stay Informed About the Ban: Follow reliable news sources for updates on the legal situation and its implications for Apple Watch availability.
  2. Explore Older Models: Consider purchasing older Apple Watch models, such as Series 8 or earlier, which are not affected by the ban and still offer a range of features.
  3. Check Out the Apple Watch SE: The Apple Watch SE, lacking the disputed pulse oximetry sensor, remains a viable option for those looking for a new device.
  4. Visit Third-Party Retailers: Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart may still have stock of the banned models. Act quickly to secure a purchase before supplies run out.
  5. Accessorize Your Existing Watch: Enhance your current Apple Watch with new bands and accessories from Wizeband, adding a fresh look without needing a new model.
  6. Monitor Apple’s Software Updates: Keep your device updated with the latest software from Apple, which may include changes addressing the patent dispute or enhancing functionality despite the ban.
  7. Consider International Purchasing Options: If you're traveling or have friends abroad, purchasing an affected Apple Watch model from a country not impacted by the ban might be an option.
  8. Engage in Online Communities: Join forums and social media groups focused on Apple products for tips, insights, and updates from fellow Apple enthusiasts navigating the ban.
  9. Evaluate Alternative Smartwatches: If the ban significantly impacts your decision, look into smartwatches from other manufacturers that offer similar health and connectivity features.
  10. Stay Patient and Flexible: The legal situation could evolve, potentially lifting the ban or affecting additional models. Keeping an open mind about your options will serve you well.

This list offers a practical guide for consumers affected by the Apple Watch ban, providing strategies to navigate the situation effectively while maintaining access to wearable technology and its benefits.


In conclusion, the Apple Watch ban saga is more than just a legal tussle; it's a pivotal moment that highlights the complexities of the tech industry, patent law, and international trade. As Apple and Masimo navigate this challenging landscape, the broader implications for innovation, consumer choice, and the future of wearable technology are profound. Furthermore, as the industry watches and learns, the outcome of this dispute may very well shape the legal and operational strategies of tech companies for years to come.

For more insights into wearable tech trends and accessories, exploring YouTube channels that specialize in tech reviews and news can offer valuable perspectives. While specific YouTube links were not provided, searching for "Apple Watch review" or "latest in wearable technology" on YouTube will guide you to numerous resources that delve deeper into these topics.

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