About Us

WizeBand Brand Story

It's was early 2019 and the smartwatch industry had just blown up big time. Apple Watch sales had exceeded that of the entire Swiss watch industry combined. This gave a young couple a business idea. They felt like there weren't nearly enough variety for all the women in the world to be able to celebrate their uniqueness with the existing selection. The idea was to replace those boring watch straps and offer some exciting new ideas. They wished there was a wizer option, so they got a loan, quit their jobs and got to work...

With the purpose of empowering women with confidence through beautiful accessories that suit their personality, WizeBand was born 🔥 WizeBand is an amazing team of smart people on a mission to bring a vast selection of unique watchbands to every woman's collection. 

We create and bring together bands for everyone and all occasions. Whether it be a super comfy strap for a workout sesh or a luxurious piece for a night out. We want to be your one-stop-shop for all of your smart accessories. 
In four years, WizeBand rose to become the largest and most beloved watchband brand on the internet, with over 180 000 happy customers and more than 330 000 WizeBands sold worldwide! 

Our core values are to always do the right thing and forever remain loyal to our customers who we treasure so greatly. We fill the gap for a dependable company that sells gorgeous designs and empowers women to feel more beautiful and confident via stunning smart accessories. 

We operate in an earth 🌍 friendly manner and use sustainable package when shipping our bands. Our goal is to to inspire women, and to make the shopping experience with us a superb one. That is why our products come with a 12-Month Warranty and you can try our products for free for a 100-days. 

The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. The second most is a WizeBand.

1 WizeBand sold = 1 lb Ocean Trash removed 

We are excited to announce that together with @cleanhub.io we’ll be investing in plastic recovery through a network of collection hubs across Asia! CleanHub specifically target non-recyclable plastics, which would be otherwise left in landfill, dumped in our seas or, burnt. Instead they are redirected to industrial plants that responsibly convert them into energy, reducing the carbon footprint of their industrial processes by up to 25% - amazing! 🤩 From now on, we will be collecting X lb per every order. The entire process is tracked through CleanHub’s own Track & Trace technology, ensuring certified impact. #forcleanoceans






WizeBand Supporter of CleanHub